It’s Summertime and HOT! Why Leather?

Hokay!! That is a really loaded question. I did a quick survey out there on the web and found a surprising array of answers.

Bike Gear for All Weather?

Some folks actually detailed the gear they wore and gave temperature ranges that covered freezy Minneapolis mornings to 95* canyon rides. The cooler end of the temperature spectrum was a fairly standard range of layer suggestions; thermals; long sleeve tees;wind shirts. In combination with a leather jacket, jeans and chaps one can stay pretty toasty.

That wasn’t the question…was it?? Leather jacket, jeans and chaps are fairly standard dress here in the Midwest for most of the season but when it gets hot…it’s HOT. It’s difficult to convince yourself to gear up when the temp is going to hit 95*. The one reason you need to talk yourself into it is SKIN…YOURS!!! A few millimeters of leather can save your life.

Stay Cool

There are solutions to the upper end of the temperature range when it comes to leather jackets and chaps. A zip-out liner can make a leather jacket perform for cool to warm range. Add front and rear zippered vents to get flow-through ventilation. Lighter leather is another option. Add perforations for an even cooler jacket.

Still hot? Restrict your riding to morning and evening but look out for the deers!! We all have our choices to make. Helmet or no; leather or no; one more beer…you get the idea. Given the choices I’ve been making in the “HOT Why Leather” category, I should be listening to myself!

In Conclusion

Why wear leather in Summer heat?I mentioned there was a surprising range of answers.

Among them was this quote I’ve seen as email sigs more than once…”I’d rather sweat than bleed!”

Better impact and abrasion resistance than human skin.

That’s why leather.